About Obama and Biden

– near lowest fiscal ratings by National Taxpayers Union, National Journal, Citizens Against Gov Waste
– no comprehensive tax simplification plan
– favored 47% total top tax rates (Tax Foundation), plus state and local- would have shipped more jobs overseas
– middle class statutory tax rates 10-15% higher than under a simple optional code
– wanted $290 billion additional annual spending (NTU), $430 billion including the automatic increases (CATO)
– no reduction in C corporate rates- 34% applies above just $75k- ships jobs overseas
– no significant drilling increase on federal land
– supported a more expensive cap and trade on emissions than McCain- $200 billion annually (Heritage Foundation)
– no interstate choice of medical insurance except for interstate companies
– against $2.5k credit or voucher per adult to buy insurance
– no limits on tax deductions for the wealthy to buy insurance
– fines for those who don’t buy insurance, more employer mandates and increases in other regulation costs
– opposed additional needs-testing of government programs
– opposed school choice outside the government monopoly or increased choice in other programs
– opposed decentralization of power from D.C. to local governments
– opposed work requirements in programs
– opposed legal reform
– opposed Federal Reserve limits
– supported increasing union membership- would have increased prices and shipped more jobs overseas

Change the media can believe in?