Energy Priorities

1- replace vehicle purchase and energy use deductions with lower tax rates
2- create $4 pump price with a revenue-neutral decrease in income/payroll taxes. June ’08 national average hit $4, demand down 7% (EIA Petroleum Navigator). Decreased traffic will also save 3 billion gallons and 7 billion hours annually (Texas Transportation Institute) plus reduced infrastructure wear.
3- $50(?) tax credit for each 1 MPG over the fleet average of 22, for all vehicle types, on uncapped number of vehicles, instead of forced higher MPGs (CAFE)
4- lower annual registration taxes for higher MPG vehicles?
5- tax credits to convert some of the 20% oil use in buildings (EIA)
6- reduce plastics, which total 5% of all oil use (EIA). Oil deductible to the manufacturer as is plastic to retailer.
7- drill the 1 MBD in the 1002 area of the Alaska coastal plain- not legally designated as “wilderness”or “refuge”, just 2,000 acres or .0001% of the 19 million acre ANWR, which Alaskans support
8- open some federal lands
9- reduce other code costs, spending, regulations and legal costs
10- allow more private van/bus commuter services. Will reduce traffic, too.
11- convert 18 wheelers to natural gas, saving 2 MBD (Pickens plan) and increase rail
12- reduce livestock consumption, which causes 9% of world greenhouse gases (Ken Caldeira, Carnegie), by ending any subsidies/deductions
13- encourage local food production
14- increase enforcement of the 65 M.P.H. speed limit in non-rural areas